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ProTelesis: When Telecommunications Just Isn't Enough

Top 10 Network Management Solutions Companies - 2022

At a time when the world struggles with a massive health crisis that has sent the global economy into a tailspin, maintaining business continuity and returning to normalcy is top of mind for all enterprises. Thrust into a state of rapid change and uncertainty by the pandemic, businesses have dived headfirst into digital transformation initiatives to increase enterprise agility, accommodate remote workforces, and bolster operational capabilities. As connected devices continue to grow at a rapid pace, manual network infrastructure management is no longer a viable option. In addition, all the networked devices will rely on extensive network infrastructure with high-touch provisioning, configuration, security, servicing, and monitoring to keep things running.

The exponential growth of networked apps and devices mandates a fundamentally different approach based on automation and self-servicing capabilities that unravel the complexity of the modern data center and facilitate the CI/CD pipeline and the DevOps movement for the app service teams. While automating the management and orchestration of major IT procedures for an entire data center sounds like a grueling task, implementing a completely automated application delivery solution can be straightforward and simple.

To make this task easier and assist leaders in identifying the right network management solution providers, Enterprise Networking Magazine presents to you “Top 10 Network Management Solutions Providers - 2022.” A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the Enterprise Networking Magazine editorial board has selected the most promising network management solution providers. In our selection process, we looked at the company’s offerings, core competency, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognition.

    Top Network Management Solutions Companies

  • ProTelesis is a leading name in the new era of cloud communications today because of its ability to blend security, telecom, connectivity, and analytics in a single end-to-end service.

  • Anuta’s network automation solution, ATOM (Automation, Telemetry, Orchestration and Monitoring), delivers modular, extensible, scalable, and cloud-native software that helps companies design and provision network services rapidly. Networking teams can leverage real-time insights, ensure compliance, and maintain round-the-clock service assurance. Anuta offers low-code automation and service orchestration from one holistic platform with support for more than 45 vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, Palo Alto, etc.

  • Velocity, A Managed Services Company, offers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions and support services. The company covers the entire spectrum of network management needs, including everything from managing security platforms to providing Wi-Fi and VoIP solutions.

  • domotz


    Domotz is a Network Monitoring Software that provides unparalleled visibility of digital assets and data flows, empowering its users with mission critical knowledge and actionable insights from their digital networks

  • everestnetworks


    Everest Networks leads innovation in high-performance Wi-Fi that underpins the evolution of 5G heterogeneous networks by providing an open virtualized architecture that supports emerging use cases and enables a developer ecosystem

  • LiveAction


    LiveAction is an enterprise software company that simplifies the network for IT organizations to deliver continuous insight, service assurance, and precise control of their network infrastructure

  • Microwave Networks

    Microwave Networks

    Microwave Networks is a trusted global provider of microwave radio communication systems, advanced networking and cyber security solutions

  • Mimomax


    Mimomax develops wireless communications solutions for narrowband channels which enhance visibility and control - right to the edge of their customer's networks

  • ocean networks

    ocean networks

    Oceanus Networks provides intelligent ICT Infrastructure expertise helping you seize the day in the key domains of IT including, Infrastructure, Data Networks, Storage, Security, Collaboration, IoT, Hybrid IT, Digitalization, Cloud Solutions, Contact Centre, Voice, Internet, Big Data, Global SD-WAN Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, and Asset Virtualization

  • zpesystems


    ZPE Systems is a provider of software defined infrastructure in addition to traditional hardware infrastructure