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Mike Promotico, CEO, ProTelesisMike Promotico, CEO The telecommunications industry is in the eye of the storm where cloud disruption has become the norm, and several trends like the rise of hyperconnectivity led by 5G networks are challenging the very existence of traditional telco business. For telcos, this means “business as usual” won’t cut it. To secure market leadership, boost their competitiveness, and grow, they need to respond and innovate differently. They must identify a new edge over the market disruptors that are rewriting the rules of the industry today.

This is precisely how ProTelesis has been able to remain market dominant for more than 30 years. ProTelesis was established as a traditional telecommunications provider, but when digital transformation initiatives started fueling the move to the cloud for businesses, ProTelesis arrived at a juncture of pivot or perish. The company, however, did not want to shift to the usual agent model of reselling services for other cloud providers—what most other telcos were doing at the time. ProTelesis instead drove its competitive edge by traversing a road less traveled and morphed into an MSP/MSSP—one that leverages the expertise of telecom and cloud-based propositions to build the most optimized IT management solutions for businesses.

What makes ProTelesis a leading name in the new era of cloud communications today is their ability to blend security, telecom, IT infrastructure, compute and analytics in a single end-to-end service. From infrastructure services such as structured cabling, data networks, and carrier services to end user-focused services like unified communications and contact centers, ProTelesis has all bases covered for its clients.

“In today’s day and age, we’re a full-service company for all communications as well as IT needs, something that’s hard to come by. Our team comprises network engineers, cloud engineers, cyber-security experts and data center engineering personnel, so we’re able to bring a full breadth of services; that’s our competitive advantage in the domain,” says Mike Promotico, CEO of ProTelesis.

Optimizing Businesses with Leading-Edge Communications

Staying in lockstep with the recent IT and communications trends, ProTelesis offers a host of unified communications (UC) solutions, on-premise, private cloud or public cloud-based UCaaS. But here’s where ProTelesis separates itself from the tradition telecom specialist: they also provide managed IT services, data networking, and IT security and analytics to help businesses thrive. ProTelesis helps companies streamline their communications and IT infrastructure right from the initial design to its final implementation. Even after that, with additional real-time analytic insights, automation, monitoring, and 24/7 support, companies can rest assured. As Promotico puts it, “Our customers absolutely love that they have one phone number to call and ‘one back to pat’ for simplifying all IT and communications needs.”

ProTelesis also provides ad-hoc services as per a business’s infrastructure implementation needs. For instance, if a business just wants to improve its presence and reach with audiovisual systems, ProTelesis offers completely customized Creston audiovisual solutions.
Or, if a business wants to improve its workforce collaboration, ProTelesis has the expertise to migrate older UC systems over to Microsoft Teams or integrate existing UC systems with Microsoft Teams. Whether the task involves single-site or multiple locations, is simple or complex, needs old-school or cutting-edge solutions, ProTelesis is the one-stop shop to help drive cost savings, increased efficiency, and real-time insights for clients. The possibilities brought by ProTelesis are endless.

Bringing Network Management to the Center of Digitalization

The pandemic has amplified the urgency of cloud communications reinvention. Every business wants to move to the cloud to support and manage the remote or hybrid working model.

It Is Not Just Our Technical Competencies but Also Our Responsiveness That All Our Clients Admire

Network management and data security have become central parts of this transition. Today, global headlines are peppered with stories of data breaches or ransomware attacks impacting large and small organizations. According to industry reports, every 19 seconds, a company is hacked. ProTelesis aims to put a stop to that by placing greater emphasis on network management systems that have an added focus on cybersecurity. ProTelesis helps clients become better at their network management while remaining more secure.

In this regard, ProTelesis helps its clients expand network capacity and data reach by leveraging Extreme Networks’ infrastructure and network management solutions, 24x7 SIEM/SOC services from SentinelOne and Elastic and its expertise in VMWare and cloud computing from Microsoft Azure. And for those customers that prefer private cloud solutions, ProTelesis operates two data centers, one in Las Vegas, NV and another in Sunnyvale, CA.

An offshoot of this comprehensive offering today is helping clients in remote workforce optimization and management. Whether it is implementing softphones or managing logins to Office 365, ProTelesis offers easily scalable communication and collaboration solutions to extend a business’s current on-site PBX/UC system and help them manage their workforce better.

A Winning Culture that Breeds Success

ProTelesis believes in the embodiment of a team-oriented culture to embrace great ideas and succeed. This is especially important for the company, considering it has made quite a few notable acquisitions over the years.

When people come together from different companies, it’s the core culture that unifies them. Only when the internal workforce is cohesive can it help clients leap forward. Hence, ProTelesis is always attentive to training its employee base both in terms of technical competency and business vision to foster a mutually progressing work culture.

Promotico highlights, among many other reasons, ProTelesis’s people-centricity is a core reason they are able to blaze a trail of numerous success stories.

A case in point is a transportation authority that was under a ransomware attack when it reached out to ProTelesis.
It was New Year’s Eve and Promotico received a call at 3:30 AM about the ransomware attack. By 3:45 AM, his team was on the call with the transportation authority to devise a resolution strategy. The attack had already taken down the client’s server farm, which accounted for approximately 1,000 virtual machines (VMs) and 4,000 endpoints. One of the first things ProTelesis did was to disable the compromised network and then work on a remediation plan to bring back the network online.

In 24 to 48 hours, ProTelesis made all important parts of the business functional and took about a week’s time to restore everything. After tackling the immediate issue at hand, ProTelesis also implemented SoftPerfect Network Scanner, which is a software application to monitor a network and its interactions. It can flag, alert, and block any anomaly in the network behavior almost instantaneously. Ever since, the transportation authority has not experienced any disruption or downtime.
  • Our Team Comprises Network Engineers, Cloud Engineers, And Data Center Engineering Personnel, So We’re Able to Bring a Full Breadth of Services; that’s Our Competitive Advantage in the Domain

In another scenario, ProTelesis had a client in Northern California with around 1,000 endpoints spread across multiple sites, and the client was using an on-premise-based communication platform. ProTelesis’ team devised a plan to ‘cloudify’ their communications with the least downtime. They were able to virtualize the system and migrate to its data centers and then added SD-WAN and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks while bolstering it with Fortinet cybersecurity solutions. In a matter of 60 days, ProTelesis moved everything that was local voice, video, data to the cloud.

Such is the value that ProTelesis delivers. “It is not just our technical competencies but also our responsiveness that all our clients admire,” says Promotico.

Pushing the Boundaries of Modern Communications

ProTelesis aims to further bolster its clients’ IT and communications infrastructure by adding more best-of-breed solutions to its quiver. In this regard, ProTelesis is also growing its technological competencies by making creative acquisitions that offer similar kinds of solutions. Keeping a keen eye on the recent communications and networking trends, ProTelesis wants to add more solutions under its wings through its creative acquisition strategy. Another part of this growth will certainly be bolstering the unique MSP-telco community they are building. Today, the cloud communications industry is growing at a massive scale, with new technologies and products entering the market every day, and ProTelesis wants to be at the helm of those innovations.
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Mike Promotico, CEO

ProTelesis is a leading name in the new era of cloud communications today because of its ability to blend security, telecom, connectivity, and analytics in a single end-to-end service.